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Precautions for use of cylindrical lithium battery separator

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Lithium battery sorter is a kind of testing and sorting equipment used for the internal resistance, voltage and other parameters of cylindrical battery. The equipment can accurately sort the battery to the corresponding gear according to the set internal resistance and voltage value, and realize the sorting of good and bad products in different gear. In the operation of lithium battery sorter, there are some things to pay attention to also need to be clear.

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In order to facilitate your understanding of the operation of the cylindrical lithium battery separator, Xiaobian collected and sorted out some notes for your reference.
1. When starting up, first check whether each action actuator of the equipment is in the initial position, confirm that there is no other debris on the equipment, then turn on the air source, confirm that the air source pressure is 0.5 ~ 0.6MPa, and then turn on the power supply to run the control program
2. Turn off the power and air source when the equipment is out of service after work
3. Turn off the power supply and air source when repairing, maintaining and maintaining the equipment
4. When loading the batteries to be sorted into the charging box, the positive and negative directions of all batteries should be consistent as far as possible: when the batteries in the receiving box are about to be filled, the batteries should be removed in time
5. When the machine is running, do not put your hand into the battery sorting track to avoid hurting your fingers
6. When the equipment is running abnormally or stops for no reason, the emergency stop button should be pressed first, and then the abnormal condition of the equipment should be checked. After the fault is eliminated, the emergency stop button should be released to make the manipulator return to the original point and the system in the pause state, and then the start green button should be pressed to restore the automatic operation of the system,
If the system can not run, you can press the system reset button to restore the normal working state.
7. When a certain type of battery is sorted to no material alarm, long press green start for 3 seconds to make the material empty, or wait for 30 seconds, the system will automatically enter the ending mode to automatically sort the remaining material to the material tank, after sorting, the equipment will be no material, please feed.
8. Before each operation of the equipment, clear the battery on the sorting manipulator, press the system reset button to make the equipment enter the initial state, and then press the operation button
9. The positive and negative electrodes of the battery to be sorted should be clean, and the dust and other impurities should be avoided to pollute the detection probe to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data
10. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy, it is recommended to clean the probe with alcohol every 4 hours and replace the probe every month in normal production
11. In order to ensure the high-precision measurement of the tester, please clear and calibrate the tester regularly.


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