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What are the characteristics of Sino US Chuangli double-sided automatic spot welding machine?

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There are many kinds of cylindrical lithium battery spot welding machines, such as single-sided automatic spot welding machine, mobile power automatic spot welding machine, transistor gantry spot welding machine, DC inverter gantry spot welding machine, AC gantry spot welding machine, manual spot welding machine and double-sided automatic spot welding machine. Today, I'd like to share with you our favorite double-sided automatic spot welding machine.

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1、 Introduction of Sino US Chuangli double sided automatic spot welding machine
This equipment is mainly used for manual welding of battery and nickel plated steel strip or nickel strip in cylindrical / polymer battery combination, and ensure the welding tension of battery and nickel plated steel strip or nickel strip ≥ 30n. It is mainly used for spot welding of moulded lithium battery pack such as electric motorcycle / electric vehicle / solar street lamp.
2、 Characteristics of double sided automatic spot welding machine
1. Welding voltage locking technology to prevent grid voltage fluctuation from affecting welding current
2. The welding pulse width is adjustable, the welding spatter is small, and the welding spot does not change color
3. It has the function of two-stage current detection and comparison, and the sound and light alarm of abnormal current can effectively prevent the occurrence of false welding
4. With fault self diagnosis function, display the corresponding fault point, convenient maintenance
5. Using the embedded programming module of motion control card, just need to calibrate a starting point coordinate, input the number of X and Y axes, space, can automatically generate the welding head motion trajectory and save it in the system file, programming is simple and easy to learn.
6. 99 groups of welding procedures and parameters are stored in the system, and the product can be replaced only by adjusting the energy and calling out the program.
Welding head can be pneumatic, electric or rotary.
3、 Technical parameters of double sided automatic spot welding machine
Product Name: lithium battery double side automatic spot welding machine
Working voltage: AC220 V, 10% 50 Hz, power ≤ 1000 W
Dimensions: 900 (L) * 1280 (W) * 1600 (H)
Equipment weight: 350kg
Welding power supply: high frequency DC inverter / transistor power supply
Welding mode: single point and connecting point function
Working mode: imported servo
Pre connection current: DC inverter 500a-5000a adjustable, transistor 6000a / 8000A / 10000a
Welding speed: 0.3s-0.6s/point
Welding time: 1.0ms-100ms adjustable, accuracy 1ms
Thickness of nickel sheet: 0.1mm-0.3mm (nickel sheet with thickness of 0.2-0.3mm needs to be grooved)
Parameter storage: 99 groups
Spot welding stroke: X-axis 500mm, Y-axis 450mm
The above is the cylindrical lithium battery double-sided automatic spot welding machine features and parameters related introduction, hope to help you understand.


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