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3 minutes quick understanding of lithium battery sorter

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New energy has always been a hot topic, such as our high-speed and low-speed four-wheel electric vehicles, electric tools, garden tools, solar street lamps, household mobile power and so on. Most of the power batteries are lithium batteries. So, the production of lithium battery equipment will use the battery automatic sorting machine, so the Sino US Chuangli editor today to introduce the lithium battery sorting machine, let us quickly understand.

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1、 Definition of automatic battery sorter
As the name suggests, it is used for automatic sorting of good and bad cylindrical lithium batteries. It is mainly used for testing and sorting the internal resistance, voltage and other parameters of cylindrical battery, and can set the voltage and internal resistance values arbitrarily in the operation interface. The device is equipped with a high-precision voltage internal resistance test system, which can accurately sort the battery to the corresponding gear according to the set internal resistance and voltage value.
2、 Classification of battery sorter
According to the corresponding gear division, it can be divided into: Battery sorter 2 gear, battery sorter 6 gear, battery sorter 10 gear, battery sorter 20 gear. This is just a brief introduction, and these different types of battery sorters will be described in detail later.
3、 How does the battery sorter complete the automatic sorting of lithium batteries
Lithium battery sorter can set multiple gears according to different models. The resistance value can be adjusted in various ways. It is suitable for people with various operating habits. It has high precision and high speed. The imported voltage internal resistance tester is used; 18650 lithium battery sorter is integrated with PC and has mature management;
PC display, intuitive and clear atmosphere; Professional control card, stable and reliable; High grade drive, subdivision, high speed.
Full and redundant motor configuration, never worry about stealing work and saving materials;
Imported guide rail, flatness, smoothness enough to ensure smooth;
The process detection signals are comprehensive and diverse to ensure sufficient maturity and reliability. For example, the process of a battery from the feeding box to the trough in less than 1 second has seven detection and prompt links, including box in detection, material jam detection, box out detection, slot in detection, material jam detection, unexpected double battery detection, and tank full detection;
Friendly interaction, vivid interface, bid farewell to the cold and stiff industrial machinery. Prompt information is detailed, novice can understand;
Humanized treatment of minor links greatly ensures the safety of operators and products;
High degree of automation, fast efficiency, capacity up to 2000 cells per hour, a machine can replace 6-8 manual; In the whole process, only one operator can put the battery batch star into the battery discharge port. The equipment can automatically discharge the battery quickly, automatically detect the internal resistance and voltage of five batteries at the same time, automatically separate the qualified and unqualified batteries, and push them into each material tank respectively, and move forward automatically without manual operation.
Automatic discharge and battery collection or automatic box feeding and material collection, automatic chain feeding and box feeding, easy to use. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, accurate and fast test, easy to learn, data can be saved, queried, vivid interface, real-time dynamic display, friendly interaction, detailed prompt information and high productivity.


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