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Introduction of 18650 lithium battery automatic sorting machine (full version)

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With the rise of the new energy industry, 18650 batteries, which have been silent for many years, have finally broken out. In addition to notebook batteries, domestic 18650 batteries have infiltrated into many different industries, such as electric vehicles, motorcycles, balance cars, electric tools, mobile lighting, mobile power supply, etc. With the increase of 18650 battery consumption, 18650 lithium battery sorting machine, battery automatic spot welder, automatic highland barley paper pasting machine and other lithium battery pack equipment are needed. Today, let's first learn about the 18650 lithium battery automatic sorting machine, and there will be a more detailed introduction of other lithium battery pack equipment in the future.

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A、 Introduction of 18650 lithium battery separator
18650 lithium battery sorter is a kind of testing and sorting equipment for the internal resistance, voltage and other parameters of cylindrical battery. It has a high-precision internal resistance and voltage automatic testing system. According to the internal resistance and voltage value set on the computer software, the equipment can send the battery to the specified gear. The system can realize automatic sorting of 5-20 levels. This device can test about 4000-8000 cells per hour, and the structure design is simple and generous, and the performance is stable.
B、 Application scope of 18650 lithium battery automatic separator?
3C digital battery, electric vehicle battery pack, two wheel and three wheel electric vehicle battery, garden tool battery, solar street lamp battery pack, automobile battery module, outdoor energy storage power supply, balance car battery pack, scooter battery pack, mobile power supply, starting battery pack module, notebook battery pack, electric tool battery pack.
C、 How does 18650 lithium battery sorter realize automatic sorting?
1. According to different models, the lithium battery sorter can set multiple gears for the upper and lower limits of internal resistance, and the resistance value can be adjusted in various ways, which is suitable for people with various operating habits.
2. High precision, fast speed, supporting the use of imported voltage resistance tester;
3. Zhongmei Chuangli 18650 lithium battery sorter integrates PC and has mature management;
4. PC display, intuitive and clear atmosphere; Professional control card, stable and reliable;
5. High grade drive, subdivision, high speed.
6. Full and redundant motor configuration, never worry about stealing work and saving materials;
4、 Features of 18650 lithium battery automatic separator
1. The separator of lithium battery assembly equipment adopts a new hopper type automatic feeding structure, with stable feeding speed and no impact and scratch on the battery; Direct manual whole box feeding can realize uninterrupted production.
2. 18650 battery sorter adopts high precision and high stability internal resistance detector in the detection part, and adopts high speed and high stability feeding mechanism in the feeding part.
3. The manipulator of 18650 automatic sorting machine adopts servo manipulator with multi PCs structure. The time of each battery is less than 1 second.
4. The sorting box of the separator adopts 6-20 gear structure, with full material alarm function, and the end of the box is easy to open for quick discharging.
5. The test results of internal resistance voltage of battery sorter are analyzed by computer to generate classification data, and at the same time generate curve chart and strip chart, which is convenient for intuitive statistics and display of mass production quality. The detection system has database function, which can query, count and export the historical detection data.
The above is the 18650 lithium battery automatic sorting machine organized by Zhongmei Chuangli Xiaobian. I hope it can provide you with some reference.


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