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Lithium battery pack device

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18650 Automatic Barley Sticker

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详细描述Detailed description

Equipment introduction

This equipment can use a whole box of charging battery, which is an automatic equipment for pasting highland barley paper with cylindrical battery. PLC controls the stepper motor and cylinder to complete the function of pasting highland barley paper to the electric core. The mechanical structure design is simple and elegant, and the system performance is stable. In the current market, it is one of the equipment with high cost performance for pasting highland barley paper with cylindrical battery. Other models of cylindrical battery can be customized to automatically stick highland barley paper.

technical parameter

Input voltage/power: single-phase 220V, 1000W, 50Hz


Boundary dimension: L * W * H1200 * 850 * 1650MM


Equipment air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa


Applicable cell: 18650


Equipment weight: 400KG


Cushion driving force: electric, variable frequency speed regulation


Feeding method: put 18650 electric cell into the hopper and connect it to the automatic highland barley paper machine


Material specification requirements: the maximum diameter of the coil is 350MM, and the inner diameter of the coil core

72-75MM, 100MM wide


Working efficiency: ≥ 80PPM


Artificial aging: 2-3 people can be saved


Appearance of face pad: outer diameter 17.8MM, inner diameter 9MM


Surface cushion material: highland barley paper or PVC

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