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Lithium battery pack device

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Square battery automatic testing and sorting machine

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Equipment functional characteristics:

1. The equipment includes brand computer, software system, precision voltage internal resistance measuring instrument, code spraying mechanism, batch feeding device, automatic grading of manipulator, automatic blanking and other devices.


2. According to the AC internal resistance, open circuit voltage and other parameters of lithium batteries, the batteries are accurately graded and grouped according to various performance parameters. The maximum number of graded pairs at one time is 8, which improves the consistency of pack battery quality and paired cell performance.


3. The acquisition of AC internal resistance and open circuit voltage can adopt the built-in high-precision internal resistance meter BT3562A, DM7275, and automatic acquisition. The sorting process is automatically controlled, which is easy to operate and eliminates manual participation, ensuring the accuracy of test parameters and the reliability of pairing process, and improving and ensuring the performance and quality of pack products.


4. High degree of automation, simple operation, hopper feeding, simple operation, about 600 electric cores can be tested and assembled per hour, which can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.


5. The performance data of the electric core tested by the system shall be managed by the database, which shall be kept for a long time with strong traceability. Cooperate with the data analysis function of the software to conduct long-term monitoring and analysis on product performance and quality to guide the improvement of R&D formula and production process.


6. The industrial control computer collects the data and automatically generates the curve chart and bar chart. The system has the database function, which can trace the historical data and export it.

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Applicable battery specifications and incoming material requirements

1. Square 50 * 160 * 118, 36 * 130 * 200, 30 * 130 * 200 batteries;

2. The positive and negative electrodes are clean and free of dirt.

Description of equipment technical parameters:

Power supply: 220V, 0.5KW.


Equipment model: CAC-STSO9-FX


Equipment name: Square battery testing and sorting equipment (8 grades)


Air source: 0.5 ~ 0.6 Mpa (dry air)


Separation efficiency: ≥ 10PPM


Product qualification rate: ≥ 99%


Equipment mobility rate: ≥ 95%


Qualified rate of sorting: ≥ 98%


Sorting accuracy: 99.9%


Secondary test: edge gear voltage deviation ± 0.1mV, internal resistance deviation ± 0.05m Ω


Sorting parameters: open circuit voltage, AC internal resistance, DC internal resistance


Instrument: precision voltage internal resistance tester


Equipment weight: ≥ 300KG


Overall dimension: 1600 (long) × 1600 wide × 1700 (H) mm

The equipment includes the following modules:

Model: HC-CTS12-S test and sorting system, which can complete the test and sorting pairing of conventional open circuit voltage and AC internal resistance.


One set of BT3562A internal resistance meter and one set of DM7275 voltmeter are set daily to test the AC internal resistance and open circuit voltage.


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