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Shenzhen customers go to Zhongmei Chuangli lithium battery pack

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On April 3, 2021, general manager Wang of Bao'an District, Shenzhen purchased a batch of battery sorter equipment of Zhongmei Chuangli, which can be used for these types of lithium batteries: 26650, 26700, 26800

The whole Shenzhen City, including the following areas, we can provide you with door-to-door delivery:
Luohu District: Guiyuan street, Huangbei street, Dongmen street, Cuizhu street, Nanhu street, Sungang street, Donghu street, Liantang street, Dongxiao street, Qingshuihe street
Futian District: Nanyuan street, Yuanling street, Futian street, Shatou street, Xiangmihu street, Meilin street, Lianhua street, Huafu street, Fubao street, Huaqiangbei street
Nanshan District: Nantou street, Nanshan street, Shahe street, Shekou street, merchants street, Yuehai street, Taoyuan Street, Xili street
Bao'an District: Xin'an street, Xixiang street, Fuyong street, Shajing street, Songgang street, Shiyan street
Longgang District: Pinghu, Pingdi, Nanwan, Bantian, Buji, Longcheng, Longgang, Henggang, Pingshan, Kwai Chung Street
Yantian District: Meisha, Yantian, Shatoujiao, Haishan Street
Longhua District: Guanlan, Dalang, Longhua, Minzhi, Fucheng, Guanhu Street
Pingshan District: Pingshan street, Malan street, biling street, Shijing street, Kengzi street, Longtian street
Guangming District: Guangming, Gongming, Matian, Xinhu, Fenghuang, Yutang Street



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